Scalping Screens

Trident 124

The Trident is the largest compact scalper on the market with a 12’ x 4’ top and bottom deck and its robust design putting it in a unique category of high production compact units. Designed to work before a 30T crusher, after a 50T crusher or as a standalone unit on soil, sand & gravel, coal, overburden or demolition materials, the Trident 124 transcends the “compact” label. 

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Trident 125 Hi-Stak

In a class of its own, the Hi-Stak combines two machines in one eliminating the need to double-handle fines and reducing the carbon footprint of your operation.

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Trident 165

With a 16×5 top and bottom deck, the 165 takes the 30t scalper market by storm. This mid-sized unit wants for nothing in terms of features and spec and will be churning out products within minutes of deployment so you can hit the ground running. 

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Other Services

Screens & Crushers

Our range of compact screens and crushers are designed for maximum productivity allowing the user to generate mainstream throughput from a compact footprint.


Screencore offers a complete range of tracked conveyors from 50’ to 100’ which can be tailored for specific applications.

Stationary & Recycling

The Screencore stationary range of feeders and conveyors are custom-made to suit the specific application.


The new Boxer continues the Screencore design ethos with a track mounted pugmill featuring a belt feed hopper yet, remarkably, still folding to fit in a shipping container.

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