Screencore Boxer

The Screencore Boxer tracked pugmill is designed for precision mixing, blending and dosing. The belt-feed hopper delivers a uniformly proportioned feed onto the 1200mm twin-drive discharge conveyor. With a consistent material bed-depth, the over-belt cement weigh hopper and the inline twin-paddle mixer box allows you to literally dial-in your material using the plc automation.

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Maximise Productivity while reducing Carbon Footprint

Tracked pugmills offer a significant advantage in terms of carbon reduction when compared to traditional stationary pugmills. The mobility of these units allows them to operate on site, reducing the need for long-distance transportation of raw materials and finished products. This in turn leads to a decrease in fuel consumption and heavy vehicle movements, ultimately contributing to a lower carbon footprint. Furthermore, the tracked design enables efficient onsite blending and processing, promoting resource conservation and waste reduction. By utilizing our tracked pugmills, companies can embrace sustainable practices while improving productivity and efficiency in their operations. 

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