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Screencore 365

65′ tracked stacker – our most popular model

A 65’ (19800mm) tracked stacker with a 36” (900mm) belt, the Screencore 365 is the ultimate compact material mover for any site. The 365 is designed for container shipping or easy road transportation with hydraulic folding and no removal of parts necessitated.

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Screencore 365R

Radial 65′ tracked stacker for ultimate versatility

The 365R is our most popular radial stacker allowing for massive stockpiling capacity and ultimate flexibility. The quick change facility from tracking to radial mode ensures minimum setup time after arrival on site.

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Screencore 380

80′ tracked, twin drive, front and rear lift.

The Screencore 380, is a 23m tracked stacker with the option of 900mm or 1000mm wide conveyor.

A compact unit for transport with head and tail fold, the 380 containerizes for shipping.
Now available with Dual-Drive for unrivalled flexibility! 

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Screencore 470

1200mm belt-feed hopper with grid options.

The Screencore 470 is a heavy-duty belt feed hopper which can be customised with a 50′, 60′, 70′ or 80′ (15m, 18m, 21m or 24m) discharge conveyor.

The unit is available in diesel or Dual-Power configuration to suit modern needs.

The 470 can also be configured as a Mulch unit with chevrons, agitator and mulch hopper and comes with multifunction radio remote for total control.

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Screencore 470LL

Low level heavy-duty feeder with 80′ discharge conveyor.

The 470LL can be loaded from any of the three sides with even the biggest wheel loaders. The massive hopper is fitted with a breaker box to ensure durability and longevity and can deliver impressive outputs with twin drives on both conveyors. Available with multi-function radio remote for easy product placement. Whether you’re working in a quarry, mine site, or other heavy-duty application, the Screencore 470LL is the feeder you need to get the job done.

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Screencore 480

Twin drive 80′ tracked stacker with 1200mm belt.

The Screencore 480, 80′ tracked stacker is a powerhouse which comes with 48” wide belt powered by twin drive motors. The Boomerang rear lift gives great versatility when loading without sacrificing discharge height. 

The 480 Mulch version incorporates a massive dump-hopper for loader feeding and is fitted with a unique high-speed auger. 

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Screencore 480R

Twin 500 OMV drive 80′ radial tracked stacker

The radial function on the 24m Screencore 480R can be controlled by timer, sensors and/or radio remote giving the customer the ultimate flexibility with material movement and placement.

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Screencore 4100

100′, 130hp tracked stacker

The Screencore 4100 has a 1200mm wide belt, twin drive and 30m reach. The unit is fitted with a heavy-duty dump hopper which can take a rear feed from a payloader.

The unit is available with Screencore’s Dual Drive option.

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Screencore Wheeled Range

Diesel, Electric or Hydraulic

We have a range of wheeled stockpilers to suit any application.

  • Powered Radial Wheels
  • Electric Drive
  • Hydraulic Drive
  • and more..
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Transportable and durable conveyors

Screencore offers a complete range of tracked conveyors, which can be tailored for specific applications. The conveyors are designed to be transportable and durable, and offer features such as twin drives, check valves and hopper feeders. The Screencore Wheeled range extends from 30′ to 80′. Whether you’re looking for a conveyor to help with your mining operations or need a solution that can handle bulk materials at your construction site, Screencore has you covered. So why wait?

Contact us today to learn more about our products and find the perfect conveyor system for your needs.

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